Date : 07-08  Nov 2023

Time : 08.00am - 05.00pm

Venue : Santa Grand Signature, Kuala Lumpur

Learning Outcome:

  • Upon completing this 2-days workshop, participants should be able to :

    1. To build deep trust and rapport quickly

    2. Read and analyse the unconscious desires and wants of your prospects

    3. Design and deliver powerful hypnotic presentations

    4. Handle and overcome any objections that may arise

    5. Close your prospects powerfully and cheerfully



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Maklumat Tambahan

PROGRAMME COLABORATION WITH TAJ COLLEGE where we focussed more on fieldwork.

Here are some practical fieldwork training suggestions for a 4-hour session focused on meeting people and approaching sales

1. Customer Surveys: Participants can conduct on-site surveys to gather feedback about a product or service from potential customers. This interaction helps them practice engaging with people and understanding their needs.

2 Door-to-Door Sales: Assign participants to go door-to-door in a designated area to introduce a product or service, answer questions, and attempt to make sales. This task simulates real-world sales prospecting.

3. Street Sales and Sampling: Participants can stand in a busy public area to offer product samples or demonstrations. This approach allows them to engage with a diverse group of people and practice their sales pitch.

4. Networking Events: Attend local networking events, trade shows, or community gatherings where participants can meet and interact with potential clients or business partners. Encourage them to exchange contact information and follow up afterward.

5. Local Business Visits: Visit local businesses to introduce products or services. Participants can inquire about the needs of these businesses and how their offerings might be beneficial

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