Date :

  • 12-13 JUL 2023
  • 09-10 SEP 2023

Time : 09.00am - 05.00pm

Venue : Hotel Maya, Kuala Lumpur

Objective :

  • To understand a costing system that will provide each participants with the important information to run the organization in the most efficient and profitable manner
  • To understand the element of costing that help the organization to meet excellence
  • To enable the participants to identify recovery opportunities in the organization.




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Maklumat Tambahan

This 2 days intensive training will help the participants to acquire the necessary knowledge to enable them to understand that costing is considered as a “tool of management”, the raw material for financial accounting, which is the day-to-day recording of business transaction.

Modules :

  1. Costing Introduction and Budgeting ( Pre and Concurrent ) Costing Introduction / Planning and Budgeting / Budget Accuracy / Budget Revision / Factors / Characteristic / Objectives / Fixed and Flexible
  2. Absorption Costing The concept of Absorption Costing / Direct Costing / Income Statement of Absorption Costing / Income Statement of Direct Costing
  3. Marginal Costing Break –Even Analysis / Concept of Marginal Costing / Advantages of Marginal Costing / Differential Cost Analysis
  4. Activity Based Costing (ABC) The objectives / Product Cost System / Product Cost / Cost of Quality Categories
  5. Costing Techniques First in First Out / Average / Other Method / Techniques / Analysis and Comparison of Costing Method /Techniques
  6. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis Factory Overhead Variances / Mix and Yield Variance / Illustration of Variances / Standard Costing Method / Causes of Variance
  7. Pricing Decision – Product Pricing Method Based on a Return on Capital Employed / Conversion Cost Price / Contribution Margin Approach to Pricing / Standard Cost for Pricing
  8. Feedback ·Type of Feedback / The important of Feedback / Management of Feedback / Action
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