Date : 15-16 Jan 2024

Time : 08.00am - 05.00pm


Outcome :

Upon completion of this course, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand why financial management knowledge is essential to grow up in the organization
  • Enhance ability to manage cash flow Cost are in order, efforts of other parts of business work together.
  • Understand that financial information is aimed at protecting margin, growing market share and profit
  • Learn and apply working capital management
  • Understand what are financial statements and how it is useful for decision making Learn that mismanage of finance, would not help organization to stay
  • Develop business and financing plan – identify the different needs for
  • Understand that a company may be an excellent short-term business risk, but long- term business risk, it must demonstrate the ability to consistently generate
  • Ways to motivate staff to use the knowledge base and to effectively assess individual and team contribution.
  • Understand financial ratios and its application in various decision.
  • Understand the key issues and challenges of risk management practices facing the industry.
  • Use the concept of SWOT and other management tools for planning and decision making


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All organizations do financial management, and a huge amount of time and money is spent on it. The financial management needs to be aligned to business strategy and key performance indicators. This is a key to achieving organizational goals. Financial knowledge is critical to keep the changing needs and strategies of the business.

The non-finance manager and the team members need to engage together with the finance team to learn from the financial data for the planning and decision-making process. Learning about finance allows the business to remain forward-looking and prepare for the future.

This program is structured with a special purpose, taking into consideration that it is for participants less aware of financial concepts and information. This program is concise and will focus on urgent matters and the big picture, avoiding technical language, charts, and graphs to be utilized as pictures can be easily recognized. The information will be conveyed slowly and steadily, not to speak in a rush to ensure participants can take it in.

This course covers both the perspective of “what do the numbers mean” as well as a more qualitative aspect of financial management. If the key points are not well understood, participants are given opportunities and time to ask questions.

At the end of the training, a plenary session is held to share important information and create a memorable experience.

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