Tarikh Kursus

11 NOVEMBER 2021


09.00am - 04.00pm



  1. This forklift training is an in depth course on manual and mechanical forklift handling which is designed to increased safety, motivation and productivity that helps protect personnel, loads and equipment.
  2. It delivers a thorough understanding on safety management and procedures in compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 (OSHA, Act 514).
  3. This course will train participants on the functional features and the capability of a forklift truck.
  4. This forklift training enables trainees to acquire all the necessary skills in operating a forklift in a safe and efficient manner
  5. The course is catered for both new or inexperience forklift operators and also for experienced operators to learn new skills and techniques.


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Tarikh Kursus :  11 NOVEMBER 2021

Masa Kursus : 09.00am - 04.00pm


  1. Fork Lift features and designs
  2. Types of Forklift.
  3. Safe starting procedure.
  4. Engine governor control.
  5. Transmission shift lever.
  6. Brakes and Inching Pedal operation.
  7. Hydraulic control lever (Lift, tilt, Side Shift (If equip).
  8. Up load & Down Load operation.
  9. Forklift work limit.
  10. Safety and good housekeeping (PART 2)
  11. Engine power train and hydraulic system operation (PART 2)
  12. Proper maintenance schedule (PART 2)
  13. Operate (drive) Forklift safely (PART 2)



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