Date : 09-10  Dec 2023

Time : 08.00am - 05.00pm

Venue : Santa Grand Signature, Kuala Lumpur

Outcome :

-Adopt a leader’s (growth) mind-set
-Harness their leadership style
-Strengths and develop flexible leadership styles
-Communicate effectively with team members through active listening and feedback
-Coach and mentor their team members
-Conduct effective team huddles to motivate and address challenges effectively
-Develop an action plan for raising the bar for their outlet.
-Proof that if the peers become better versions of themselves, your other salespeople in the team or organization
will be driven to continue improving
-Become solid leaders by instilling confidence, and improve the capacity of your team



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Maklumat Tambahan

Most people aren’t born salespersons. Even those that need a little refresher now and then.  That is where training comes in.

Sales training should be a regular part of anyone’s job if they face the public, whether or not they’re strictly salespeople. Anyone from entry-level sales or customer service reps to executives can benefit from sales training. Of course, not everyone needs to learn the basics over again.

That’s why a quality sales training program will have different levels that address different points. Sales is a complicated field with numerous approaches to choose from. Basic sales training is a great starting point, but you need more than that to be really good at sales.

 No matter what your goals are for looking into sales training, there are many benefits   to implementing an appropriate program. In this program, we’ll take a look at some of those benefits and evaluate how they can help your business.

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