Date :  26-27 Jun 2024

Time : 08.00am - 05.00pm

Venue : Santa Grand Signature Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Learning Outcome:

  1. Enhancing Efficiency: Tender procurement training aims to enhance the efficiency of staff in preparing tender documents, such as proposals, risk assessments, and cost estimates. This objective includes teaching the technical and analytical skills required to produce competitive and high-quality bids.
  2. Increasing Awareness and Understanding: The objective of this training is to increase staff awareness of the tender procurement process and to strengthen their understanding of the steps required to prepare, submit, and win tenders. This includes understanding customer requirements, tender regulations, and strategies to improve the effectiveness of bids


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ePerolehan is an electronic procurement system that enables suppliers to offer products and services to the government via the internet.It also functions as main medium for supplier registration and renewal of the Ministry of Finance certificate.Electronic government applications are targeted towards cost, time and energy savings particularly when a 'paperless' work environment is fully implemented.

  1. A total end-to-end online transaction process which is faster and more efficient
  2. Offers self service facilities such as online registration for site visits and briefings, supplier reports and instructions on cancellation of delivery;
  3. Ease of communication between supplier and Government as contact can be made at any time or place;
  4. Learning about the eCommerce concept is made easier using ePerolehan as a business platform;
  5. Transactions and advertising of products and services are faster and more cost effective, leading to increased volume of purchase; and
  6. The efficiency and consistency of ePerolehan allow for more effective procurement planning by suppliers, as auto-generated processes reduce business operating costs due to quicker turnaround time.
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